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Daniele Spadoni is a force of nature! He's created more Zak games than any other person, and they're all great!

Some of his amazing Zak games...

NEW, May 2021: "Zak McKracken and the Invasion of the Alien Mindbenders"

The arcade game - fight the invading aliens!

Download the arcade game here!

Download the arcade game here!



"Zak McKracken: A Mansion, a Meteor and Alien Mindbenders"

This features locations all round time and space, plus scenes from my favourite story - Journey To The Center of the Earth!

Download here! For Windows, but works great on Linux too (I use Linux Mint, with Wine for Windows programs)


Game play through - visit the center of the Earth!

Quick play through (spoilers ahead!!)

And here's another Spadoni Zak Sequel!

"The Pixel Has You"

Download here: (Click on the download icon in the corner)

Launch trailer:

Star Wars and the Alien Mindbenders trailer:

Sadly, after beginning this game, its author discovered that he was, actually, human, and therefore could not complete five different games and videos simultaneously while also holding down a job. (But you should see his other stuff, it's great!)

Italian page:

PLOT, disk 1 :

Virus C9 has deleted the protagonists and antagonists the dimensions 87, 88 and 90.
Phoenix must the recover codes of all dimensions in order to allow Lucas to make an antivirus.

A Daniele Spadoni Production

Pixel Artist - Davide Spadoni


User comment:

"I stumbled upon your game by accident and I am absolutely speechless. I saw BTTF1 back in 1985 when I was 6 years old and it was my favourite movie of my childhood. My first computer was a C64, and later an Amiga 500. Monkey Island is still my favourite game of all time, after all these years. My daughter inherited my love for the Monkey Island series and I've been playing the games together with her regularly, she's 12 years old now. We are now playing the game, and seeing two of my favourite things come together like this is so amazing, and it brings a huuge smile on my face. All the details, the great and faithful graphics, the hilarious Amiga intro, the great music, you have created a piece of art! Thank you so much for this! Best regards from Munich, Germany, Bjoern"

My comment:

I love this! I prefer pixel art for these games. While I have huge admiration for the high res games, and all their work and dedication, and most people prefer high res, for me Zak is all about the ideas. It's just a personal opinion, but I feel like more time spent on the art is less time spent on the ideas. For me, low res pixel art is the greatest art of al: it's the minimum art needed to tell any story you want, and then the developer is free to spend the MAXIMUM time on the story instead of writing code and creating ever more detailed graphics. I love low res graphics and maximum story. That's why I was so disappointed when "The Lonely Sea Monster" was never finished: it had minimal art, and was all about packing in as many wild New Age ideas as possible. But this game, The Pixel Has You, does the same, and is actually finished!! Or disk 1 at least :)

Instead of just adding more New Age ideas, The Pixel Has You it packs in ideas from different games. That's fine with me: the more ideas the better! For example, notice the programming joke about scaling, "Phoenix.ChangeView(87)", and how the story is about "dimensions 87, 88 and 90" - that is, the different pixel dimensions used in 1987, 1988 and 1990. Also, obviously, this game is a joy for anyone who remembers the original Lucasarts games. For me a special pleasure was actually being able to cross the Golden Gate Bridge at last - after all these years of only seeing it in the distance!

Video play through: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!

What are you waiting for? Download it! Play it! (Click on the download icon in the corner)


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